Run the Ridge! Perfect Day for Pamby Ridgefield Half Marathon, Thanks Sponsors!

The Pamby Ridgefield Half Marathon celebrated 43 years today, an absolutely beautiful fall day, with new 7 mile option. Both the 1/2 marathon and the 7 mile race were sold out with over six hundred participants. 

Congratulations to the two Ridgefield residents who finished among the top five overall: Bryan Kovalsky and William Gasparrini. Ridgefielder Laura Hergenrother finished third among female runners. 

Top 5 finishers, male - 1/2 marathon

  1. Cullin Burdett of Brewster, 24, pace 5:32
  2. Bryan Kovalsky of Ridgefield, 40,  pace 5:54
  3. Manny Wineman of Northampton MA, 41, pace 6:03
  4. Michael Bodie of Brookfield, 22, pace 6:13
  5. William Gasparrini of Ridgefield, 19, pace 6:16

Top 5 finishers, female - 1/2 marathon

1 Emmi Aguillard 28 1:25:41  
2 Lauren Perschetz 24 1:26:40  
3 Laura Hergenrother 23 1:27:32  
4 Whitney Dunbar 35 1:28:48  
5 Stacy Mowry 27 1:30:01  

View complete results including 7 mile runners here.

With endorphins at an all-time high, runners found respite, nourishment, live music (thanks to School of Rock) and massages (thanks to Susi Laura) at "Race Central" on the grounds of the Boys & Girls Club of Ridgefield, benefactors of the race.  

Thanks to Megan Searfoss, owner of Ridgefield Running Company and founder of Run Like A Mother for all of your hard work putting the many details of this race together. And, lots of gratitude to the event sponsors including Pamby (lead sponsor), Karla Murtaugh, Steve's Bagels, and the many other local businesses who made this race awesome! A very special thank you goes to The Iris Fund for providing the burgers and dogs from Chez Lenard.

Oh, and can't forget Ridgefield Police who made sure runners were safe on the roads.

Learn more about the 43rd Annual Pamby Ridgefield Half Marathon and view sponsors here.


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