Give the Gift of Living Independently: Lifeline Pendant through RVNAhealth

The Ultimate Gift - A Lifeline Pendant

The most precious gifts are not merely things. They are expressions of all that you wish for the recipient: love, independence, comfort, peace of mind, safety. And while a Lifeline Medical Alert System may not be at the top of your loved one's list, it may be just the right gift at just the right time.

Living independently at home is extremely important to many seniors.  Through our many services and programs, as well as our partnership with Philips Lifeline medical alert system, RVNAhealth makes the choice to live at home a secure and responsible one.

Easy-to-use and unobtrusive, Philips Lifeline has offered peace of mind to seniors and their families for over 40 years by allowing users to access help when they need it with just the press of a button.

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