Why Small Businesses (and Handwritten Thank You Notes) Matter

Handwritten Thank You Notes Matter 

Small businesses keep the charming, neighborly spirit of towns alive

Well, it's not "just a note" - it's testimony that small businesses matter (a lot) and Fairfield County Bank's support of our Why Small Businesses Matter Campaign is so awesome!

Today, we received a handwritten note in the mail from a small business owner who was featured as part of our Westport edition of Why Small Businesses Matter series. While we often receive "thank you" emails and comments on social media from featured businesses, it isn't often that a note is delivered by US Mail.

Joe, a piano teacher, writes, "Thank you for featuring me in the Why Small Businesses Matter column. It was a very helpful boost for the start of the year. It's important publications like your that keep the charming neighborly spirit of towns alive."