Community is not Canceled in Ridgefield: Art Show in the Woods

We saw this on social media and it's too good not to share. There is no shortage of innovation and creativity in the midst of this time of social isolation. Yesterday, the folks in the neighborhood of Mimosa held a one-day art show in the woods. 

According to the social media post, "A few encouraged me to post some pics here in case other neighborhoods are looking for ideas.  About 20 pieces were submitted in total... they were solicited from kids and parents by email, received by a central person with some printer toner to burn, and hung with social distancing in mind along a walking trail." 


A sign on the art displayed on trees said, "Enjoy, don't touch, and maintain social distance while on trails".

This one-day outdoor show (the creative pieces have already been taken down) undoubtedly brought joy and smiles to all who participated - a creative way to showcase everyday local artists and creators. 

Stay strong, Ridgefield.


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