Ridgefield Clergy Association Statement Regarding Death of George Floyd and our Nation's Turmoil

To our Ridgefield Community,

As the clergy of Ridgefield, we feel the need to make a statement in light of our nation’s turmoil and unrest.  Each of our congregations has initiatives unique to them.  Yet, together we know that we’re able to do more than we can apart.  Dr. King’s Letter from the Birmingham Jail reminds us of how silence can be injurious.  “Anyone who lives in the United States can never be considered an outsider” to the injustices in our country.  It is for that reason we commit ourselves to joining in the conversation on dismantling racism’s stronghold on the American Dream.  We pray that King’s dream might become a reality in our lifetime.

We must move away from seeing people as either winners or losers just as we must move away from evaluating their worth by the color of their skin. The question is no longer “How can I maintain my special and secure status?” It is “How can we all grow and change together?”

Rev. Chuck Bonadies, President

on behalf of the Ridgefield Clergy Association


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