Town of Ridgefield Tropical Storm Update: No Showers or Charging Stations at Parks & Rec, More Crews Expected Tomorrow

77% of the Town is without power and we have no estimation yet on complete restoration time. Unfortunately, it has been reported to us that due to COVID-19 mutual aid has been slow. As a result, we will be waiting for crews from New Hampshire and Massachusetts once they have addressed their local issues.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day with more crews arriving tomorrow.

Here are the latest updates:

* Consider all downed wires live. Report all fallen wires and trees to the Ridgefield Police Department 203-438-6531. Please do NOT dial 911 unless you have an emergency The Fire Department has received numerous calls for CO2 poisoning due to improper use of generators. Do not operate your generator in a closed space like a garage or inside your home. Make sure the generator is far enough away from your home with no opportunity for carbon monoxide to seep into the house. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for use.

  •  Please do not start your car in your garage for charging purposes. Park outside to avoid affixation.
  •  There are no charging stations or showers available at Parks and Rec at this time due to covid-1
  • Potable water will be available after 3 PM today at:
    •    Parks & Rec, 195 Danbury Road
    •    The Ridgefield Playhouse, 80 East Ridge Road
    •    Ridgebury Fire Department-169 Old Stagecoach Road.  

* Please bring your own containers!

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