Eversource says 90% of customers will have service this evening

Significant restoration progress was made overnight. Since Saturday morning another 160,000 customers have been brought back in power. We know you’re still out and we’re working hard to get you back. Town-by-town estimates are posted on our website, and this information is being updated regularly.

  • While many town estimates show substantially complete on Monday or Tuesday, overall we expect to have 90% of all Eversource customers in service by this evening. There also are some towns that present extra challenges due to the significant damage or the remote nature of these communities.
  • With more than 2,300 crews on the ground, we expect to have restoration substantially complete by Tuesday at 11:59 p.m. Substantially complete means fewer than 1 percent of customers in a town are still without power, so most customers in that town will likely be back in power sooner.
  • Responding to this level of widespread damage involves significant behind-the-scenes logistics. Read more about those efforts from this storm.

Repair Damage to Customer-Owned Equipment

After a storm, you may have questions about which equipment you own, which equipment Eversource owns, and how to get it repaired. Learn more.

Safety: Downed Wires and Trees

Continue to stay as far away as possible from downed wires and trees that may have wires caught in them. More than 6,200 trees were downed and we keep finding more. Always assume any wire is live and call 911 and Eversource immediately.


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