Ridgefield Public Schools Revises Reopening Plan

Ridgefield Public Schools says that they have prepared their Reopening of Schools Plan as a comprehensive document that will guide you through CSDE requirements, the journey, as well as inform you of the steps and plans for the reopening of school this fall.

You can continue to expect frequent communication and updates as we receive them. RPS encourages you to read through our reopening plan in its entirety. Continue to send your questions to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The Superintendent and RPS Reopening Steering Committee are recommending a change to the previous Draft Reopening Plan. This change is a result of Governor Lamont and Commissioner Cardona’s revised position that districts should have flexibility.

The change to the RPS Draft Reopening Plan includes that for the first month of school and until 9/29/20, assuming Ridgefield continues to qualify as “low risk” for local COVID-19 spread, all of K-12 will reopen in a hybrid model.

This hybrid model to begin the school year is considered a transition to returning to full, in-person classes.

All CT districts continue to be required to include a full reopening option as one of its three models. The reopening schedule and plan for the first month of school is further explained in the subsequent Reopening Models section of this document.

● After 9/29/20, K-8 will resume full in-person classes, five days each week, and RHS will continue in the hybrid model.

● The RHS hybrid model status in a “low risk” scenario will be reassessed per quarter.

● PreK will reopen fully on 9/3/20 with in-person classes every day.

After the first month of school, RPS will follow the instructional models with the “risk level” of local COVID-19 spread at that time (see image in this post).

In order to ensure maximum adult supervision to minimize student congregation at arrival and dismissal, the student’s school day will be shortened for in-person instruction by 20 minutes (each) at the start and end of the day, for a total of 40 minutes per day.

View the complete reopening plan => RPS Reopening of Schools Plan (Revised August 11, 2020)


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