Ridgefield COVID Cases Rise 96% Since Friday, Marconi Urges Residents to Reconsider Thanksgiving Day Plans

Ridgefield is on the rise, do your part to flatten the curve!

First Selectman Rudy Marconi reports the grim news that Ridgefield COVID cases have risen 96% since Friday, firmly putting our town well into the Red (critical) Level.

Since Thursday, 38 new cases have been reported, raising the daily new case rate to 28 cases per 100,000 residents, as shown in the image here.

“This increase is not yet reflected in the state data which lags Ridgefield specific data*,” said Mr. Marconi. “I urge all Ridgefielders to please avoid gathering and reconsider Thanksgiving Day plans, as we are in a very serious situation. Many of us could be asymptomatic spreaders so please, when you must go out, wear a mask and socially distance from others. This is for your safety and for the safety of your family, friends and community.”

*Unlike the State of CT which averages data on a two-week basis, the Ridgefield analysis reflects a one-week average. The daily new case rates are expressed per 100,000 residents. Ridgefield also includes congregate settings such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities and the State does not. Ridgefield does a deeper dive so the Town can anticipate where we are headed and respond accordingly.

Please note:

• Protocol for returning students is to test 72 hours prior to coming to Ridgefield. Quarantine until results are received. Return only if the test is negative. Test again and quarantine for two weeks upon return. LINK • Residents returning or others coming into the state should follow the protocol. https://portal.ct.gov/Coronavirus/travel.

• The State of Connecticut asks all residents to download the FIGHT COVID WITH YOUR PHONE APP that will now alert you if you have been in the vicinity of someone who has tested positive. Go to: https://portal.ct.gov/coronavirus/covidalertCT/homepage. • If you test positive, please alert any of those you have come into contact with. With cases on the rise, contact tracers may not be able to alert people quickly enough.

• Ridgefield is working on setting up an in-town testing site. More information will be available in the next couple of weeks at ridgefieldct.org. To find a test site near you go to https://portal.ct.gov/Coronavirus and type in your zip code.

• Sign up for CTAlert to receive emergency messages specific to Ridgefield. https://portal.ct.gov/ctalert

• Dr. Deidre Gifford, State of Connecticut Acting Commissioner of Public Health and Commissioner of Department of Social Services stressed yesterday that there is a very direct relationship between our actions and protecting our exhausted front-line workers.

Before you have that party or ignore the mask wearing rules, think about how those actions might ultimately affect our health care workers and other first responders.

*Image #2 from the New York Times article by Siobhan Roberts on March 19, 2020 is a good example of how eliminating one point of contact can slow the spread


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