Health Expert Jeff Konchalski, Owner of Nature's Temptations Offers Ways to Boost and Support Your Immune System

Jeff Konchalski, the owner of Nature's Temptations wants to help Ridgefielders stay healthy this winter. Here, Jeff outlines some ways you can support and boost your immune system during the colder months when the onset of the flu and common cold are at their peak.

1. Vitamin C 4000 mg daily in divided doses
2. Oscillococcinum daily for flu prevention and three times daily during illness
3. Vitamin D 5000 IU daily
4. Fish Oil 3000 mg daily
5. B Complex morning and noon (can be stimulating later in the day)
6. Echinacea four times daily at onset of illness
7. Greens – eat leafy greens daily or try adding powdered greens to drinks/smoothies
1. NAC (N-acetylcysteine) 1000 mg twice daily thins mucus
2. Neti pot with saline cleans sinuses
1. Herb Pharm Mullein and Garlic Ear drops twice daily and as needed for pain
1. Elderberry syrup – one tablespoon twice daily
2. Herb Pharm Soothing Throat Spray as needed for throat pain
3. Olba’s Elderberry Lozenges
1. Menthol chest rub to throat and chest nightly
2. Hot shower or bath with essential (not perfume) oils sprinkled in the bottom of shower or bath water (tea tree, rosemary, eucalyptus)
1. Get plenty of sleep.
2. Eat minimally and eat foods you digest easily. Eliminate sugar, dairy, and refined foods for the course
of illness plus 3 days after.
3. Drink plenty of water and herbal teas (thyme, chamomile, elderberry, passionflower, cinnamon, peppermint)
Jeff Konchalski was born with spinal meningitis which lead to many health challenges from birth through his early teenage years. At age 15, he was tired of feeling sick and weak so he rode his bike to the local health food store and started researching diet and supplements. He began to understand the importance that nutrition plays on bettering his overall health. As he saw results, his journey to heal himself lead him to help others. In 1997 he opened his first health food store.


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