Ancona's private barrel of George Dickel is now available!

Delicious Dickel

Kyle Martinez, Wine Specialist explains:

This 9-year-old barrel comes to us straight from the old guard to traditional Tenessee Whisky.

Geroge Dickel believed that producing whisky in the winter made for a smoother taste. To honor this tradition, Dickel Whiskys are deep-chilled prior to charcoal filtering to replicate the "Mellow as Moonlight" feel and taste.

Hand-selected by the Ancona's team, this single barrel of George Dickel Tennessee Sour Mash is insanely delicious. Toasted spices, ripe Red Delicious apple, and pie crust, with a pinch of sea salt to pull everything together. Round and full, creamy vanilla and buttered cornbread linger long on the finish. At 103 proof, it sips cozy and warm with no sharp edges. We're ecstatic to add it to the Ancona's Private Barrel program!



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