Town of Ridgefield Reminds Dog Owners to License Your Pup! There is a $75 Fee for Unlicensed Dogs

Have you renewed your dog’s license for 2020-21?

There is a $75 fine for owning an unlicensed dog, and if the dog has not been vaccinated for rabies, an additional fine of $136 is imposed.

The Town Clerk's office staff is happy to help you comply with the law and get your dog on the straight and narrow!

Call 203-431-2783 or click below for more information.

Dog license fees


  • Neutered Male/Spayed Female: $8.00
  • Male/Female: $19.00
  • Late Licensing Penalty: $1.00 per month, per dog
  • Lost Tag: $0.50 for new license
  • Transfer of Ownership: $1.00 for new license if already issued
  • Change of residence (Town): $0.50 for new license if already issued
  • Kennel Licenses: $51.00 per 10 dogs / $102.00 per 20 dogs

Dog License Application

Click HERE for additional information.