Ridgefield ECDC wants to get people shopping, dining, and enjoying our community!

Ridgefield Economic & Community Development Commission Launches Consumer Confidence Campaign

In an effort to speed the Town’s economic recovery and to stimulate long-term economic growth, The Ridgefield Economic & Community Development Commission (ECDC) has announced the launch of a consumer-confidence campaign to get the public safely back into stores, restaurants, and cultural attractions. The multi-faceted campaign involves in-store signage and a social media push that combines a mix of public education and a little bit of fun.

“Ridgefield’s business community and cultural attractions are ready to welcome people back to safely shop, dine, and enjoy all the community has to offer,” says ECDC chair Geoffrey Morris. “Our goal is to further drive economic recovery, while promoting widespread vaccinations, social distancing, and mask-wearing protocols,” he adds.

The campaign includes a series of paid and organic social-media memes with messages like: “Pretty Soon, Pajamas Aren’t Going to Cut It. Time to Shop: Get Vaccinated. Mask up. Enjoy Ridgefield!” Fun aside, one important component of the campaign is to help demystify some of the State’s rollbacks on COVID restrictions, particularly in relation to large gatherings at wedding venues and at youth sports fields.

“Business leaders are concerned because even though the Governor is allowing larger gatherings, social distancing protocols often contradict the occupancy levels that Connecticut venues can accommodate,” says commissioner Bob Knight, who serves as the Town’s Deputy Recovery Coordinator. “If you’re planning a wedding, an event, or attending youth sports activities, check first with the host entity to be sure you have the correct information,” he adds.

For added peace-of-mind, the ECDC is encouraging Ridgefield businesses to self-certify that they’re following all COVID health and safety protocols and occupancy limits. These businesses can display a special poster in their front window to help build confidence among consumers. (For information on how to receive a poster, contact the ECDC.)

“Really, the economic recovery is a community-wide responsibility. So far, Ridgefielders and those visiting town, have shown tremendous support and respect for the business community.

The fact that Ridgefield has lost so few businesses this year is a testament to the resiliency of our business leaders, employees, and the true spirit of what it means to be part of the Ridgefield community,” says Morris.


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