Ancona's Life in a Bottle: Codey's Ideal Rosé

In this week's episode of Life in a Bottle, Ancona's Wine Director Codey Foster sips and chats about 2020 Liquid Farm Ancona’s Cuvée #5 Rosé of Graciano (sourced for Ancona's from a secret vineyard in Happy Canyon, Santa Barbara).

This is Ancona’s/Liquid Farm collaboration project #5.

Since 2015 we’ve worked with Jeff and James to collaborate on a series of custom bottlings that capture unique single vineyard snapshots through the lens of Liquid Farm. 

And for the second vintage running--this collaboration has yielded a pink wine!

Although Liquid Farm has a track record of making outstanding Bandol-eque rosé from Mourvèdre, this particular Cuvée offers a unique riff on LF Pink. 

Codey's Notes:

Once again we’re thrilled to witness the potential of Graciano. The end product is bone dry and just a hair shy of 10.5% alcohol. It is driven by the essence of grapefruit oil, apple blossom, peach juice, citrus rind, and a whisper of salinity. Having poured the first glass it’s painfully obvious that the biggest mistake we made was not bottling more magnums. So crushable. Farmed organically. I think I found my pink house pour for the summer.  

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