Town of Ridgefield Releases Internet Satisfaction Survey for Residents and Businesses

Responding to the slow and inconsistent internet service that is increasingly evident throughout the community, First Selectman Rudy Marconi announced that the Town wants to explore new options for high-speed broadband and has released an Internet Satisfaction Survey for residents and businesses.

The survey seeks to show how the community depends on the internet, how happy the community is with its current internet service, and whether—like neighboring towns—Ridgefield should explore having a high-speed fiber network here. “Internet service has been one of the hottest topics during COVID wherever you go,” Marconi said. “Access to fast, affordable, and reliable broadband service is critical for the Town’s economy, future growth, and quality-of-life.”

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the dramatic spike in residential internet use has put enormous strain on existing cable infrastructure and has created an inconsistent internet experience for Ridgefielders. As the Town seeks to grow its remote workforce—and more companies make the switch partially or permanently—Marconi sees this as a significant problem that will only grow in the future. “We’re hearing from businesses along the Route 7 corridor that their service goes down, on average, once a week and in some cases is not considered broadband at all,” said Marconi. “With technology playing a key role in everything from emergency communications to alternative work options and remote learning, I find this unacceptable.”

Ridgefield’s latest plan of Conservation and Development recommends high-speed fiber to be deployed to all corners of town. Fiber is considered the gold standard for connectivity, moving data at the speed of light, and is only limited by the capacity of attached electronics. Marconi has asked that all residents and businesses take a few minutes to complete the survey. “Your input on how you use the internet and what your internet experience has been in your area of town will help us determine our next steps,” he said.

Ridgefield residents and businesses can take the survey here: Internet Satisfaction Survey The survey will be live through May 20, 2021, and Marconi encourages everyone to weigh in.

“This is your opportunity to help us create the right plan for the future of Ridgefield,” Marconi said.


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