Valerie Jensen Makes it a DOUBLE Rainbow for Deborah Ann's Pride Ice Cream!

Valerie Jensen, founder of The Prospector Theater is making it a double rainbow Deborah's Ann's Sweet Shoppe Pride Ice Cream! 

After learning that Deborah Ann's Sweet Shoppe received word that some customers were not happy with the Pride Ice Cream (a portion of sales are donated to Ridgefield CT Pride) Valerie Jensen decided to make the support for Ridgefield CT Pride even more colorful. 
Jensen said, "Hey, Deborah Ann's Sweet Shoppe! The rainbow candy magical ice cream you released to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community sounds like all the goodness in the world! I’m going to double the fun!! I’ll match your donation to Pride in the Park. Sparkle on!"

The mission of Ridgefield CT Pride is to celebrate our LGBTQ+ community, to educate, promote awareness, understanding, and acceptance of this community as well as to provide support for both LGBTQ+ individuals and their friends and family. Ridgefield CT Pride runs Pride in the Park to reach the greater public and provides ongoing support throughout the year through monthly support groups.  

Ridgefield CT Pride was created in 2019 by the joint GSA clubs of the Ridgefield Public Schools. The event was inspired by Hailey Main from Bethel, CT who when she was a 7th grader created the first-ever Bethel Pride Parade. Our members wanted to provide the same experience for the Ridgefield Community. The clubs worked together to make this event happen.

Learn more here (and be sure to check out the many fun events planned for Pride in the Park day on June 26!