Ridgefield BOE and District Share Goals and Priorities, RHS Student Body President Addresses Group

This Monday’s Board of Education meeting wasn’t the first BOE Meeting of the 2021-22 school year but it was the first time this year’s Ridgefield High School Student Body President, Anshuman Suryawanshi (aka Ansh, photo top left), addressed the group. Ansh shared how excited the students are to be back in person and some of their plans for the year, including a freshman dance for tonight and other initiatives to increase school spirit.

PTA Council Representative Kim Carone detailed the herculean back-to-school efforts of PTAs across the district; please join your PTA if you haven’t. After an update on the turf field resurfacing projects by Athletic Director Dane Street, the meat of the BOE meeting was a robust discussion of the Board’s goals and the District’s priorities.

A video of the entire meeting can be found HERE.

Board Member Liz Floegel urged her fellow Board volunteers to articulate a goal of academic excellence and to ensure Ridgefield Public Schools is an “employer of choice,” where RPS is a place where “every teacher wants to go to teach.”

Superintendent Dr. Da Silva added context to Ms. Floegel’s comment by saying that hiring educators across Connecticut was particularly competitive this year and that RPS did well filling openings. She pointed out that people want to work in districts like Ridgefield that are innovative and responsive to the needs of the students and staff. Dr. Da Silva went on to introduce each of her team leaders to discuss their departments’ draft priority or priorities. She said that the team is looking to and beyond DRG A for possible programs to serve families, including before and after-care and world language instruction in the elementary schools. Each team leader articulated their priorities, which can be found in this BOE Packet.

Some of the most discussed priorities are outlined below. Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum Cory Gillette aims to have parity between the schools and a “memorialized” curriculum, which means that it is written down and accessible to teachers and families while remaining dynamic and responsive. Director of Personnel Karen Dewing plans to establish systems to create and support a more diverse workforce and to support professional learning for RPS Administrators, some of whom have been in the District for a short time. Business Manager Dawn Norton will look at RPS’s vexing transportation for cost-saving innovations, and Facilities Director Joe Morits is excited by the opportunity to create a five-year facility master plan.


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