Rotary Club of Ridgefield Announces RRRESTAFFLE, Turn $20 Raffle Ticket Into $3100 Dining Extravaganza!

The Rotary Club of Ridgefield's 2nd Annual RRRESTAFFLE has arrived!

It’s time to turn a $20 raffle ticket into a $3100 gourmet eating spree!

Ridgefield Rotary, working with our outstanding eating establishments is providing an OUTRAGEOUS RAFFLE

For a $20 investment, you could win First Prize$3100 of gift cards ($100 for each of the 31 restaurants [see the image in this post].

The RIDICULOUS 2nd Prize is $1500 ($100 gift certificates for 15 restaurants of your choice)

3rd Prize is 10 $100 gift certificates to restaurants of your choice and the 4th Prize is 5 $100 gift certificates to restaurants of your choice.

TO ENTER: go to RRRESTAFFLE.org and click on Buy Tickets!

Proceeds go to Ridgefield Rotary’s scholarship program and grants to Ridgefield non-profit organizations that have been hurt by COVID-19



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