Tina Cobelle-Sturges creates RADical Hope painting to support nonprofit's life-saving mission

Tina Cobelle-Sturges’ “RADical Hope” radiates positive energy, vitality, and spirit. Waves of color emerge from the very center, or core of the painting, flowing outwards through arrangements of patterns.

A well-known Ridgefield artist, Sturges was recently asked by the RADical Hope Foundation to create a piece of art symbolic of the nonprofit’s mission. “I am honored to be asked to create this painting for The RADical Hope Foundation for their upcoming auction,” she remarks. 

Sturges' vibrancy of energy, her musical rhythms signify joy of life, hope, and internal peace.

Sturges states, "RADical Hope is about the internal world. It most certainly gives out hope and longing for a better world and better future with happiness all around. The play of color with bright bands, or ribbons intersecting with more subdued greys and off-whites is truly captivating. One might also notice a dancing or moving figure amidst this ocean of color, or maybe it is not a dancer but the music itself.”

Ridgefield resident Larry Bossidy sits on the RADical Hope Foundation Board of Directors, a nonprofit committed to improving the lives and futures of young adults by strengthening connections and building resilience. 

Bossidy and his family understand first-hand the imperative need to break down the barriers surrounding mental illness, strengthen connections, and empower those who need help to ask for it. 

Founded by Pam and Phil Martin, Bossidy’s daughter and son-in-law, RADical Hope was started in honor of their son, Chris, who died by suicide in the fall of 2017 when he was a junior at Gonzaga University.

How can you help?

Learn about RADical Hope HERE and spread the word. If you have an affiliation at a college or university, talk about RADical Hope, its profound impact and its importance. 

Make a tax deductible donation and help RADical Hope achieve their mission of improving the lives and futures of young people by strengthening connections and building resilience. 

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