RHS Grad Mark Galione's Frangrance Empire Burns Bright

Since he graduated from Ridgefield High School in 2016, Mark Galione has been busy building a fragrance empire. "What started out as an interest in the industry, quickly developed into a passion," he says. 

Born out of frustration with the chemical fragrance used by big box stores, Galione is changing the narrative. “In 2020, we launched the Original Fragrance a handmade cologne composed of Sandalwood, Bergamot, Sage, Coconut, and Freshwater notes from essential oils,” he explains.

Today, almost exactly a year after the launch of Gali Fragrance, Galione released two 100% handmade soy candles, the newest addition to his line of handcrafted, locally supplied, and clean-designed products.

The handmade candles include Sandalwood & Coconut as well as White Sage & Amber scents. And, their delightful aromatic bouquet is not the only thing that makes the candles a marketplace standout. “Our expansion into candles has been largely driven by the safety concerns surrounding the fragrant candle market today,” says Galione.

In the creation of the candles, Galione says he’s privileged to have worked closely with Boston-based Triple Decker Candle Co, a woman-owned business founded by Johanna Westcott.

“The oils, packaging, labels, and even artwork are sourced from small businesses in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Indiana and California. We don't have plans to change that and the impact we're making by supporting local suppliers and American-made is apparent,” Galione says.

 Galione is not resting on his laurels. He plans to expand product offerings in 2022. “We will continue to work towards our goals of supporting local, handmade, and clean. As an organization, we are determined to find ways we can improve our environmental footprint.”

What’s more, Galione says he plans to use his product line for social good. “We want to play a part in conquering the mental health crisis so many are facing today,” he says.

The Gali Fragrances Candles and Cologne are currently sold in town at Hutton's Fine Men’s Wear on Bailey Ave. and are available online here

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