The William B. Carlin Trust Transfers Five Major Works of Art to Weir Farm National Historical Park

Weir Farm National Historical Park (NHP) located at 735 Nod Hill in Wilton and in Ridgefield, are the proud recipients of five important works of art created by the Impressionist painter, Julian Alden Weir: Portrait of a Lady (Anna Dwight Weir in White), The Open Barway, Foggy Morning or Sunrise in Fog, Branchville, Connecticut Birches, and Ella Sewing.
Weir Farm announced the news over the weekend via social media.
The paintings were passed down from the artist and his descendants and ultimately transferred to Weir Farm National Historical Park by the William B. Carlin Trust in cooperation with the William B. Carlin family and the Weir Farm Art Alliance, Weir Farm explains.
"By its participation in the transfer of these artworks, the Weir Farm Art Alliance wishes to honor the memory of the late Charles Burlingham, the Alliance’s longtime president and grandson of the artist."

Weir Farm beckons you to visit the home and studio of America's most beloved Impressionist, J. Alden Weir, and walk in the footsteps of generations of world-class artists. Weir Farm boasts 60 acres of beautiful woods and walkways and is a national legacy to American Impressionism, the creative spirit, and the historic preservation of the legacy of Julian Alden Weir.

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