Proposed Changes to Ridgefield's Demolition Delay Ordinance, Town Meeting on December 7

Preserving Ridgefield’s History

The Historic District Commission has been dedicated to preserving the historic character of the buildings and properties in Ridgefield since 1968. The Commission plays a significant role in maintaining the charm that visitors are drawn to and residents proudly enjoy.

For the past few months, the Historic District Commission has been working with Ridgefield’s Historical Society on updating the Demolition Delay Ordinance for the Town. The proposed changes to the Ordinance offer stricter penalties to deter builders and others from tearing down historic structures without first allowing a delay period for up 90 days. During this time, the Commission and the Historical society work together with homeowners to help them find an alternative to demolition and/or remodel in a way that preserves the historical aspects of the building. The updated Ordinance also aims to create a smoother, more transparent permit process for residents wishing to rebuild, repair, alter or expand their historic home or structure. Without these rules, Ridgefield’s historic structures are at risk of losing their character or being demolished completely.

A Town Meeting to vote on the Demolition Delay Ordinance is scheduled for Wednesday, December 7th. All are encouraged to come out and vote!

The changes to the Ordinance can be viewed here.


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