Ancona's Flash Sale Monday: Valserrano Crianza Rioj for $12.99

Ancona's Flash Sale Mondays presents Valserrano Crianza Rioj

When it comes to Spanish wine, one cannot overlook how incredibly important the Rioja region is to the country's winemaking history. Silky and intense, the Valserrano Crianza is a classic example of the best this region can offer.

You have 24 hours to shop it, once the 24 hours pass, the offer is gone! 

Regular Price: $15.99

Flash Sale Price: $12.99 regardless of quantity

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Codey's tasting notes: 

"Absolutely classic: the Valserrano is a textbook example of what Rioja Crianza should be. If you're not familiar with this mouthwatering category of Tempranillo, this is a good place to start. Crianza is, above all else, the perfect combination of freshness and spice, instilled in the juice from 18 months of barrel aging. The result is fruity, lively, and certainly more complex than your average Tuesday night Garnacha. Think of complex barrel spices, dill, red cherry, leather, and a whisper of cocounut. The hallmark of real Crianza."


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