Ridgefield High School Senior in the Shark Tank

Ridgefield High School senior Alexandra E. DiGiacomo first heard Dr. Sylvia Earle speak at the Norwalk Maritime Aquarium in 2013. Inspired by Dr. Earle’s call to action to “sea change” in support for marine areas, DiGiacomo pursued her own work  to promote shark conservation. Through the Ridgefield High School internship program, DiGiacomo now interns in the Aquarium’s Marketing Department for Ridgefield resident Dave Sigworth.

In addition to interning, Alexandra volunteers as part of the Aquarium's volunteer dive team in the "Ocean Beyond the Sound" exhibit. The presentation works to promote shark conservation by showing children the positive interaction between divers and traditionally "scary" sharks. "I dive in the Open Ocean Tank, which is home to six sand tiger sharks and one lemon shark. Volunteer divers wear a mask that allows them to communicate with the audience outside the glass--which is truly an amazing experience,” says DiGiacomo.

 She can be found in the tank on various Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays throughout June and July. Alexandra will study marine science at Duke University in the Fall as an Angier B. Duke Merit Scholar

*Photos by Dave Sigworth


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