Ridgefield Neighborhood Alliance Groups Unite to Protect Residential Zoning

The Circle Drive Neighbors Alliance (CDNA) has been formed to protect Ridgefield residents from commercial encroachment into residentially-zoned neighborhoods – more specifically against the Front Porch Farm application for a Bed and Breakfast at 47 Circle Drive.  Additionally, CDNA supports the Peaceable Neighborhood Alliance’s fight to keep the commercial Ridgefield Winter Club out of Residentially-zoned 340 Peaceable Street.

CDNA spokesperson Rob Pacifico adds: “We are excited to fight for a common cause – protecting the character and safety Ridgefield’s residential neighborhoods against the many significant risks imposed by commercial uses. In both the case of the Winter Club and B&B application on Circle Drive, the interest of a few will come at the great cost of many – reducing home values, decreasing safety, and undermining the fundamental character of our neighborhoods.” 

Circle Drive resident Lori Mazzola had this to say: “Again, we are faced with a town-wide issue regarding commercial business use in a residentially- zoned neighborhood. Any commercial use that attempts to make its home in the middle of a residentially- zoned neighborhood, whether it’s a hockey rink or a B&B, to the severe detriment of neighbors both financially and in terms of quality of life, must be opposed.”

A hearing for the Special Permit will take place on September 19th at the East Ridge Middle School.  CDNA encourages all Ridgefield residents to attend.

To learn more about the harm of commercial uses in residential zones, check out the PNA’s website at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the CDNA’s website at circledriveneighbors.com


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