Letter: Neighborhoods Unite & Encourage Ridgefield Residents to Attned Public Hearing on September 19


Neighborhoods Unite to Protect Residential Zoning

The Peaceable Neighborhood Alliance (PNA) is pleased to announce its support of the Circle Drive Neighbors Alliance (CDNA) efforts to protect the residents of Ridgefield from commercial encroachment into residentially-zoned neighborhoods. 

PNA spokesperson Jeff Hansen says, “We certainly understand the opposition to the Front Porch Farm application for a Bed and Breakfast at 47 Circle Drive.  Once again another community must face commercial intrusion into their neighborhoods.”  He further states that, “We all must have empathy for the families in that neighborhood that are not comfortable with an ever-changing clientele of a Bed and Breakfast as their children play outside.  There may never be an issue, but they did not choose to live next to a hotel.  When a next-door neighbor's property becomes a commercial business it changes the nature of the neighborhood in which they have invested in and built their lives in.  The day has come to have the regulations reflect the needs of the residents instead of counting on the Planning & Zoning Commission to always protect us.”

Ridgefield residents Jeffrey and Jennifer Hansen have filed an application and Petition to amend Sec. 3.2 (C) (3) of Ridgefield Zoning Regulations to delete “private clubs” as permitted uses by Special Permit in residential zoning districts. A Public Hearing is scheduled for September 19th at the East Ridge Middle School to discuss the issue.  PNA encourages all Ridgefield residents to attend this hearing.

PNA’s website ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) and CDNA’s website (circledriveneighbors.com) is where Ridgefield residents can learn more about the risks of granting Special Permits in residential zones.  



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