The Gym Celebrates New General Manager, Jenny!

One of the most well-known locations in town, The Gym, recently had a change in General Managers. I had the honor of interviewing the new General Manager of The Gym, Jenny, often referred to as “Jenny-ral Manager”!

Jenny, how long have you been at the gym?

Jenny: I have been working in this facility for over 10 years. During those 10 years, I have had three different jobs.

Wow! What was the evolution of your job?

Jenny: For the first eight years, I was in the group fitness room. I taught Zumba and strength classes. First, it was called “Move and Groove with Jenny”. Not many people took that class. However, once it was called Zumba, the 12-people taking my classes turned into 30 and one class a week turned into eight classes a week. Then, I worked a 5am shift at front desk for 16 months. It gave me the opportunity to learn how the gym runs. I met all the members and employees and got to know the trainers. Then, I was promoted to Membership Advisor in February and that gave me the opportunity to share the gym I love with new members for 8 months. In September, our General Manager was moving to California and the position opened so I interviewed for the job with other candidates of the male persuasion. I was the only female interviewing for the job, and they hired me!

Awesome! When were you promoted to General Manager?

Jenny: I began the job on October 1st, so really, it’s been not even 2 weeks!

What are some of your responsibilities as the General Manager?

Jenny: The General Manager oversees everyday operations of the facility. I need to make sure that everything is running smoothly and that everyone is happy. I am responsible for managing the employees. I am extremely lucky and proud of the team that I work with. I would not have taken this job if they weren’t in place and I did not trust them or feel that they have trusted me. I support my team and feel mutually supported by them as well.

What was one of the first things you did as General Manager?

Jenny: I hired one of our members, Amber, for the front desk to work the weekend shift. I was extremely happy to do that. The results speak for themselves. The members are ecstatic that she is here. Also, I was in charge of reviewing our group fitness schedule and I made some changes. One of the things I did almost immediately was pay attention to the details of the gym, so do ridiculously small things like change light bulbs, order clocks, get plumbers in here and change faucets, but also look at the bigger picture and make sure everyone is generally happy with what we offer here. 

Are there any changes we can expect?

Jenny: I’m in the process of reviewing ideas that will bring new opportunities - from training to our membership. I would like to give people more options as far as group training goes. There will be little changes that will make a big impact, for instance our weekend line-up board that displays our class and instructor line-up for the weekend, which was designed by Vittoria Quane. There will be more member engagement, such as member appreciation days and fitness contests. We will also be doing an employee Halloween costume contest.

Is there anything you would like to add?

Jenny: I’m proud of the environment we have created here. I truly care about our members and their experience. I hope it is reflected in the way the members feel I treat them. My door is always open to my employees and members. I will always do the best job that I can.

Congratulations, Jenny! Best of luck as the General Manager!

The Gym is a full-service fitness facility located at 66 Grove Street in Ridgefield, CT. They offer elite personal training that helps a variety of fitness goals from fat loss to increasing athletic ability. Members can take over 50 group fitness classes each week that are included in the membership. These classes include spin, Zumba, strength training, yoga, Pilates, and V Barre. The Gym locker rooms are equipped with showers, steam rooms, and each member has access to towels and toiletries as needed. The Gym offers child care Monday through Saturday.

As a member of The Gym, I look forward to going each day, and even more now as an employee.


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