Tucker West of Ridgefield Qualifies for U.S. Olympic Team!

Congratulations to Ridgefield's own luge hero, Tucker West who has just qualified for the 2018 Olympic Team in Luge. West won the bronze in today’s World Cup competition!

West competed in the Olympic Winter Games in 2014 and received notoriety as the youngest man in history to represent the United States in luge. 

According to TeamUSA, 22-year-old West will return to the Games along with two-time Olympian Chris Mazdzer and Taylor Morris, who were named to the team today due to their stellar finishes this season.

The trio will now officially begin the pursuit of winning Team USA’s first individual men’s medal in the sport.

Family friend and fellow Olympian from Ridgefield, Leslie Krichko, said, "I wanted to be there today...I was supposed to be there... but I couldn't be so I followed every bit of it [his performance] and was in contact with Brett [Tucker's father] all day." 

Krichko said that West set a new course record today in his first run. "After the second run he held on to the bronze and qualified in the top spot for the US," said Krichko. 

"I'm so thrilled for our town - he is such a positive role model," said Krichko, who added, "Who cares if it snows all winter! Now we can watch Tucker!"




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