Information Regarding Kindergarten Registration in Ridgefield

Registration for kindergarten (2018-2019) will take place at the districted (by street address) elementary schools the last week of February through the first week of March. Please contact your districted school to have your student placed on the incoming kindergarten list. We will provide a mailing with the necessary information and forms for registration via e-mail or mail. 

Listed below are the dates each elementary school will hold Kindergarten registration for the 2018-2019 school year.

Barlow Mountain Monday, February 26

Farmingville Tuesday, February 27

Ridgebury Wednesday, February 28

Scotland Thursday, March 1

Veterans Park Friday, March 2

Branchville Monday, March 5

Please note: these dates are for parents only. Parents will be introduced to some members of the school staff, registration forms will be reviewed and important information will be distributed.


All children who reach the age of five (5) on or before January 1, 2019 are eligible for enrollment.

Under Connecticut State Statutes, the mandatory age for children to start school is five. Any parent who chooses to exempt his/her child from kindergarten must meet with the local school principal to complete exemption papers.

The Connecticut State Department of Health requires proof of immunizations (NEEDED AT REGISTRATION) and a complete physical examination within one year of entry. This information should be recorded on the State of Connecticut Health Assessment Record form. (You will receive a copy of this form at registration.)


Ridgefield Public Schools Registration Form completed.

Original birth certificate (with raised seal) or unexpired passport. No copies accepted.

Parent photo ID.

Proof of residence (warranty deed, mortgage statement, tax bill, or lease agreement and two utility bills).

Proof of immunizations with specific dates (month/day/year) for polio (IPV or OPV), measles, mumps and rubella (MMR), Haemophilus influenza type b (HIB),

Hepatitis B and diphtheria, tetanus & pertussis (DTaP), chicken pox (Varivax), Hepatitis A, and pneumococcal signed and stamped by your physician. Please provide any other pertinent health information on the Student Medical History form.

A Mini-Kindergarten Program and a parent orientation will take place during the week of May 23rd through June 1st. Each child will attend on a specific day for one hour with other pre-kindergarten students and parents will have the opportunity to listen to a presentation about kindergarten. Appointment times for Mini-Kindergarten Program will either be assigned to you or there will be an opportunity to sign up. The Mini-Kindergarten Program and parent orientation will take place on the same day at all schools with the exception of Branchville.

Elementary school principals will send information packets to those parents known to have prospective kindergartners. Parents of kindergarten-age children who have not received a packet should telephone their district school to obtain information and arrange a registration appointment as soon as possible.

Barlow Mountain Elementary School 894-5800

Branchville Elementary School 894-5850

Farmingville Elementary School 894-5570

Ridgebury Elementary School 894-5875

Scotland Elementary School 894-5825

Veterans Park Elementary School 894-5525

For additional information, visit the Ridgefield Public Schools website.



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