Meet RVNA Spelling Bee Contestant Deirdre Basile

Meet Deirdre Basil, RVNA Spelling Bee contestant! Deidre co-produces the award-winning RHS theatrical productions, is co-president of the Ridgefield Council of PTAs, and has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology.

Will the Ph.D. outsmart the competition to win the Bee? Find out on March 7th at The Ridgefield Playhouse.

Funds raised through the Spelling Bee support RVNA Nursing Education. RVNA spends approximately $40,000 per year on education and in-service training for its more than 80 nurses, therapists, and home health aides. Last year, the agency served more than 1,500 patients, making well over 48,000 home care visits in 28 western Connecticut towns.

The RVNA Spelling Bee promises to be fun for the whole family while supporting an organization that serves so many in our own community and beyond. Tickets are $20 for adults/$5 for students and can be purchased online at ridgefieldvna.org. Tickets are also available at RVNA’s Center for Exceptional Care, located at 27 Governor Street, and at the door.




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