Ridgefield BOE and Dr. Karen Baldwin Joint Statements to Clarify News Reports

The Ridgefield Board of Education and Dr. Karen Baldwin have issued a joint statement in regard to the developments that took place during Monday's Board of Ed meeting. HamletHub stands behind our facts and reporting on the issue. Because there were media outlets that may have made reference to the fact that Baldwin was fired, both Baldwin and the BOE have issued the following statement: 

Some reporting regarding Monday night's decision-making by the Board of Education regarding Dr. Karen Baldwin has not been accurate.  The parties have agreed to explore whether a resignation agreement would be the best alternative for both the District and the Superintendent in light of all circumstances.  The Board has not requested Dr. Baldwin's resignation, nor has it made any findings with respect to Dr. Baldwin's actions or conduct.  But this may turn out to be a situation where the mutual parting of ways is in the interest of all concerned.  



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