Calling Ridgefield dog owners: have you licensed your furry bestie?

All dogs over the age of six months must be licensed!

 Ridgefield Police are reminding residents that all dogs over the age of six months and living in Ridgefield must be vaccinated for rabies and licensed by the town clerk. "This enables lost dogs to be traced back to the owner and vaccination to be verified in case of bites," Police say. 

Please note: this is a Connecticut state law!

The license is good from July 1 through June 30 and must be renewed during the month of June. 

Please stop in at the town clerks office inside of Town Hall at your earliest convenience and have this updated.

For further questions, please contact Animal Control Officer Zulkeski at (203)431-2711.

Dog license fees

  • Neutered Male/Spayed Female $8.00
  • Male/Female $19.00
  • Late Licensing Penalty $1.00 per month, per dog
  • Lost Tag $0.50 for new license
  • Transfer of Ownership $1.00 for new license if already issued
  • Change of residence (Town) $0.50 for new license if already issued
  • Kennel Licenses $51.00 per 10 dogs / $102.00 per 20 dogs

Dog License Application


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