Find Out How Chef Zachariah Campion is Preparing for Ridgefield's Culinary Showdown

In a culinary showdown similar to those featured on television shows such as Top Chef and Chopped, three seasoned chefs will match sharp knives and quick wits for the benefit of Founders Hall in the 2018 Battle of the Chefs on Sunday, June 3, from 4 – 7 pm.

Chefs Brian Bender (David's Soundview Catering/formerly The Cutting Board Café, Ridgefield), Zachariah Campion (Bailey's Backyard, Ridgefield), and André Gainer (Luna Rossa, Ridgefield) will open a basket of surprise ingredients in front of an audience of over 200 and, in just 60 short minutes, compete to create the winning entree as judged by a panel of food experts.  Renowned judges, audience participation and the chance to provide life-long learning to over 3,600 people will make this a rollicking, mouth-watering, soul-satisfying event.

How are the chefs preparing? What is their "recipe for success"? Find out right here on HamletHub as we showcase each chef!

Zachariah Campion

How are you preparing for this much anticipated culinary showdown?

To get ready for this event I just am trying to experiment with new cooking ideas. Being creative with food is what we do at Bailey's Backyard, just being able to perform on the spot is going to be really fun. I am very excited to be going up against the other two great chefs. 

You have 60 minutes to win over the judges by your culinary creativity, craftsmanship, and results. Enough time?

Yes. 60 minutes is enough time to be able to create and execute a dish for the judges. With proper planning with my sous chef, there should be no reason the dish won't be completed at the end of the 60 minutes. 

What do you hope is in your basket of surprises? Anything you don’t want?

I hope there are exotic ingredients in the basket - ingredients I have worked with before to give me the upper hand. I don't think there are any ingredients I wouldn't want in the basket. It all has to do with how the ingredients work together in the dish.

What is your culinary specialty?

My culinary specialty is French food. I really love all the techniques they use in their cooking and being able to take that style and apply it to other cuisines. As long as all my dishes have flavor balance, I'll be happy. 

What’s your recipe for success?

My recipe for success would be work clean, organized and as fast as possible. Time is money in this business and especially in a cook-off. I am so humbled to be apart of this event and can't wait to battle the other chefs!

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