Barlow Mountain kindergartener reads his book to Ridgefield Police Department

Ridgefield Police had the honor of welcoming Barlow Mountain kindergartener, Mason Balog to the Department during Roll Call today.

The visit to police headquarters came after Ridgefield Police School Resource Officer (SRO) Daly was invited into Mason’s classroom by his teacher, Trish Cerniglia. Mason, a huge fan of the police, wrote a book titled, “All About Police” and had the opportunity to read it to SRO Daly.

The book was so informative and well written that SRO Daly and Ridgefield Police Department invited Mason to the Department at Roll Call to read his book.

Today, Mason sat in a large room on the second floor of police headquarters and read, “All About Police” to officers. Also present were Mason’s mom and dad, David and Christine Balog, and his teacher, Trish Cerniglia.

“You’ll be blown away by Mason’s book,” SRO Daly said.  “What a great honor for us to have Mason with us,” he added.

Wow! Mason’s book included all aspects of the police: how to become an officer, what they do, and how they help the community.

After Mason read his book, he had an opportunity to check out the police cruisers, sit inside them, and put on the lights and sirens.

Thank you to Mason for sharing your passion for those who bravely serve our community and thank you to the Ridgefield Police Department for inviting this amazing kindergartener to Headquarters!



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