Prospector Theater Welcomes Third Graders from King School for Service Learning

Earlier this week, King School’s grade 3 classes visited the Prospector Theater, a non-profit providing meaningful employment to adults with disabilities through the operation of a movie theater in Ridgefield, CT.   

"As educators, we are always helping our students understand how we all have strengths that may be different from one another and you need to embrace you! No person is alike. Visiting the Prospector helped to further solidify those ideas for our students," remarked third grade teacher, Rebecca Pambianchi.

While touring the Prospector, students were able to see the various jobs that people of different capabilities are given at the Prospector based on their passions, whether it’s baking, rapping, making costumes, editing, acting, and more. Students enjoyed learning about the different opportunities given to each individual, and how the Prospector searches for each individual’s talents to let each person shine. 

Pambianchi said, "Our students had amazing impressions from the experience, including understanding the adaptive technology; viewing the artwork and learning its meaning; reflecting on how everyone has distinct talents and abilities; plus, most importantly, appreciating that everyone has a purpose and meaning in this world and everyone should be accepted." She added, "The Prospector Service Learning trip is one that I hope students will continue to engage in year after year."

Learn more about the King Lower School program at kingschoolct.org.

To learn more about The Prospector Theater, visit www.prospectortheater.org and if you would like your school to visit the theater for a Service Learning opportunity, please e-mail the Events Manager This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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