Letter: The Little Pub Conundrum

Little Pub Conundrum

Before I start I want to be completely transparent. I’ve communicated with both Doug Grabe and Joe Chelednik about this. The unfortunate reality is that I can understand both sides. On one side you have the landowner that has someone willing to pay more rent. On the other side, you have a tenant that feels the increase in rent would make the existing business no longer economically viable. This is not a  rare situation, in fact, it's pretty common. What I don’t understand is why anyone in their right mind would want to go into that space knowing the back story. Why would you want to aid in displacing an establishment that obviously has massive support from the local community? Opening and running a successful restaurant is challenging enough. Why start with such animosity against the establishment? I’m not sure where things stand between Doug and Joe right now… hopefully, there is still an opportunity for more discourse… if not I’ll be there for the closing party just like I was for the opening party.

-Mitch Ancona, owner, Ancona's Wines & Liquors


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