How Did Ridgefield High School Perform on Connecticut’s Accountability Report?


Editor's note: this is a different rating than the District Scorecard which was published last week.

Ridgefield High School Ranked #3 on CSDE Next Generation Accountability Report

The Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) released the 2017-18 results from the Next Generation Accountability System.  The study is done to measure academic growth of the same students over time, and include indicators beyond test scores. You can find the full results of the study, and more information about the study on the CSDE’s data portal EdSight at http://edsight.ct.gov.

This system takes a comprehensive look at both school and district performance based on a set of 12 indicators including academic achievement and growth, absenteeism, grade-level readiness, graduation, physical fitness and the arts. 

The chart below shows selected results of the high schools within 10 miles of Ridgefield:

SchoolIndex-ScoreELA Performance - All StudentsMath Performance - All StudentsPhysical FitnessArts Access
Weston High School 93.54% 100.00% 98.17% 95.65% 100.00%
Wilton High School 91.76% 98.63% 96.18% 86.98% 87.03%
Ridgefield High School 89.02% 97.45% 96.14% 94.78% 93.20%
Joel Barlow High School 88.94% 93.00% 91.81% 81.85% 100.00%
Bethel High School 83.13% 82.87% 78.39% 47.16% 93.58%
Henry Abbott Technical High School 74.17% 66.30% 62.78% 36.02% 76.34%
Danbury High School 71.76% 70.52% 65.60% 35.98% 74.26%
Alternative Center For Excellence 19.83% NA NA 0.00% 32.26%

According to CSDE, the indicators help tell the story of how well a school is preparing its students for success in college, careers, and life. The system even moves beyond test scores and graduation rates and instead, provides a holistic multifactor perspective of the district and school performance while tracing a student’s growth over time.

To learn more about Next Generation Accountability System, visit Connecticut’s interactive data portal Edsight here.


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