Ridgefield Resident Makes Significant Health Strides Thanks To Cristina Lombardozzi

Ridgefield Resident Joe Savino Shares Accolades for Nutritional Health Coach and Personal Trainer, Cristina Lombardozzi  

Problem Statement

  • Weight was creeping up
  • Cholesterol and blood sugar elevated
  • Digestive issues

In his own words

I was getting frustrated that despite watching what I was eating and exercising 6 days a week including biking, my weight was creeping up and I was low in energy. A friend of mine mentioned a diet he was on that really helped him lose weight and feel a lot better. He referred me to Christina Lombardozzi.  I looked at her website and decided I had to do something very different since my self-help approach wasn’t working.

I met Christina for a consulting visit, she went through my current diet and saw several areas to improve. She described her approach, including the 21-day diet  She provided the diet framework, recipes and a list of do’s and don’ts. In addition, she provided daily input, advice and healthy alternatives to some of the foods I was eating and cooking with.


21 days later the results were amazing! I lost 11 pounds (which was terrific) but I also found other benefits.

First, my bad cholesterol and blood sugar dropped over 20%, I was no longer pre-diabetic. In addition, my bloating was eliminated and I have continued to drop weight since the 21-day diet changed my eating habits and food preferences. My energy is up big time as bike season begins.

I would highly recommend Cristina!

Cristina Lombardozzi is a Ridgefield resident and author of Nourished. From Field to Fork. Learn more about Christina Lombardozzi here.


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