Ridgefield Resident Guarantees A Single Digit Handicap

Ridgefield resident Joe Lane guarantees he can deliver you a single digit handicap (he was even featured on CNBC where he shared his expertise).

After years of playing and studying the game to perfect his swing, Lane, a single digit player, opened a teaching school in Connecticut and Florida and is the founder of “Shooting 78”.

His tutelage spans from local to celebrity instruction around the globe - all in the name of a better round of golf. Here, we talk some golf with the Master of the Green.

How long have you been playing golf?

I played for 20 years or so before I did the research that led me to the Shooting 78 conclusions.  

What makes you “Master of the Green”?

My research and experimenting/teaching with golfers for over 15 years enabled me to identify the skills an amateur needs to master a green - no more than two putts on any green. Then to design simple training routines that will enable a person who has a very busy life to master the necessary skills and then maintain that mastery given the reality of their life - specifically they will never, ever have enough time to go to a golf course and learn to putt by feel, as a pro does. So, simple drills one can do at home whenever they have 5 minutes or so that can be applied when they play.  

What fuels your passion for the sport?

It wasn’t my passion for the sport that led me to create the Shooting 78 program and system. It was my incredulity at the reality that the average handicap for men and women has not changed in over 100 years. There had to be a reason, and I was going to find it and offer a way out.

Have any locals/notables benefited from your tutelage?

Before we moved to China in ’05, most of my students were from NYC - Wall Street and the legal community, with a scattering from corporate HQ. When in China, most were top executives with China Mobile. The average US student spent between $15K - $35K over a period of 6 - 18 months. All insisted that I not use their names. Almost all of the Chinese clients came from China Mobile.

Tell me about the benefits of bringing your golf instruction to local homes.

If one learns at home, they quickly grasp how to practice at home and are far more likely to succeed than when taught on a green. Plus, you can learn when the courses are closed as well as at times when you otherwise couldn’t go even if they were open - at night, and you don’t have to schedule a time to go to a course. 

Anything you wish I asked?

Why hasn’t the average handicap changed in 100 years? Because amateurs, and almost all of their teachers, try to learn/teach to play using strategies, tactics, and skills associated with professional players. That can never work because no amateur will ever have the time to practice full time nor will they ever play competitive golf 4-days a week, 40 or so weeks a year. And, par is still the goal. Shooting 78 on a fairly regular basis is attainable, shooting 72 is not, for amateurs who have a life other than golf.

Learn more about Joe and Shooting 78 on CNBC HERE.

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