Ridgefield Attorney Rebecca Ciota Earns Prestigious Award from Connecticut Bar Association

Congratulations to Ridgefield resident and attorney, Rebecca L. Ciota on earning the prestigious "The Honorable Anthony V. DeMayo Pro Bono Award" from the Connecticut Bar Association.

Rebecca is a legal force to be reckoned with! In addition to serving as SPHERE’s Executive Director in the past, Rebecca is actively involved in SPHERE’s programs and with our members. She remains an advisor on the Board and is a wonderful friend to SPHERE. She has been involved with the organization since 2003!

The award recognizes CBA members who are not salaried employees of nonprofit organizations and recipients are selected based on their demonstrated dedication to the provision of legal services without expectation of payment to those in need. Rebecca's determination and selflessness for others is unparalleled.

Rebecca handles matters of significant quantity, complexity, or duration and is willing to accept unusual or difficult matters. She consistently goes beyond the “call of duty” and inspires others to do the same at SPHERE. Rebecca also has made a significant difference in our members and their families lives, as well as creating major positive impacts beyond the individual matter. She displays extraordinary devotion to our programming which serves the recreational needs of the adults with disabilities and fosters pro bono work by others through mentoring, advocacy, support, or example. She has demonstrated outstanding effort, commitment, and accomplishment while volunteering for SPHERE. We adore her and appreciate everything she does for the organization.

Thank you, Rebecca!


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