Ridgefield Police Department Remembers Deceased Officers in Ceremony at Lounsbury House

An almost symbolic ray of sunlight broke through the overcast Thursday morning weather as the Ridgefield Police Department held a ceremony to honor the deceased servicemen and women who spent their lives helping the community.

A touching memorial service, the ceremony included speakers Police Commissioner Charles Knoche, Chief of Police Jeffery Kreitz, Rabbi Jon Haddon, Reverend William Pfohl, and First Selectman Rudy Marconi who gave a speech written by RHS interns Tarini Krishna, Allie Cauchon, Sarah de Lange, Sylvana Soto, Connor Phair, Omkar Ratnaparkhi, and Nick Clavi.

The quote, “Ridgefield’s police department is a paragon of law enforcement that fairly executes the law,” from the Marconi’s speech epitomized the atmosphere of remembrance and respect. Throughout the service, each speaker echoed and emphasized the themes of sacrifice, professionalism, and pride the esteemed honorees brought to the Ridgefield community. We thank them for their service and remember them below:

Name and Years Served

Chief James Brady (1947 - 1965)

Chief John Haight (1948 - 1977)

Chief Richard Ligi (1969 - 2008)

Chief John Roche (1980 - 2018)

Captain Robert Brunell (1967 - 1991)

Sergeant Edward Raymond (1959 - 1969)

Sergeant Kenneth Shannon(1964 - 1989)

Sergeant John Murphy (1964 - 1987)

Sergeant George Kargle (1967 - 1980)

Sergeant Edward DeLisle (1969 - 1995)

Officer John Palmer (1917 - 1932)

Officer Thomas Dyer (1964 - 1997)

Officer Paul Metzker (1967 - 1988)

Officer Maxine Rizzo (1985 - 2012)

K-9 Zeus (2006 - 2014)

Civilians honored at the ceremony include:

Animal Control Officer Gail Roberts (1973 - 1997)

Dispatcher “Squash” Travaglini (1974 - 1990)

Dispatcher Robert Schanze (1989 - 2007)

Dispatcher Stephen Durso (1990 - 2011)

Additionally, the following officers were honored as part of the original 6 members of the Ridgefield Police Department, alongside Chief Brady and Chief Haight:

Officer Louis Feduzi

Officer Bernard Leighton

Officer Mario “Mugsy” Frulla

Officer Richard McGlynn

Following the speeches, the Honor Guard visited their resting places to bestow wreaths and flags, ensuring their memory lives on strong as ever.



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