Ridgefielders Work Behind the Scenes to Support the Arts, Honored by Art Council

On May 9th the Ridgefield Arts Council hosted its annual “Behind The Scenes Honors” event at The Ridgefield Library. This event was established by the council to acknowledge volunteers for their extraordinary “behind the scenes” contributions in support of the various local arts-related organizations, to which they are a part of.

The Arts Council recognizes how privileged Ridgefield is to have individuals who are willing to volunteer their time to foster and promote the many cultural organizations that benefit the town. While these volunteers do not seek recognition for their efforts, the council feels it would be remiss if it failed to acknowledge these individuals for their invaluable and selfless hard work in some meaningful way.

The individuals, selected by their organizations, to be honored this year were as follows:

Mary Awad, Ridgefield Independent Film Festival

Richard Bauer, Weir Farm National Historic Site

Elizabeth Border, Ridgefield Chorale

Jennifer Dineen, Thrown Stone

Eric Friedenrich, Ridgefield Playhouse

Neil Gollogly, SPHERE

Peter Loppacher, Ridgefield Library

Chris Perry, Ridgefield Guild of Artist

Tina Phillips, Keeler Tavern

Mary Jane Scott, Ridgefield Historical Society

Marian Sloan, Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum

Jay Steele, Ridgefield Conservatory of Dance

Abby Walker, Ridgefield Theatre Barn / Michael Chekhov Theatre Festival.

In addition to the recognition of the Behind The Scenes Honoree’s, Amy Piantaggini, from the Ridgefield Conservatory of Dance, was also recognized with “The Nancy Comstock Andrew’s Superlative Teaching/Mentoring Award”. This award is given annually to an individual in recognition of their dedication and enthusiastic encouragement in the promotion, inspiration and appreciation of the arts.

Amy was presented with this award for her invaluable contributions to the Ridgefield community through her extensive collaborations she has and continues to orchestrate, between the Conservatory of Dance and countless Ridgefield arts organizations throughout the years.

Photo: Front Row: (L to R) Jay Steele, Abby Walker, Jennifer Dineen. Back Row: (L to R) Neil Gollogly, Amy Piantaggini, Tina Phillips, Mary Awad, Elizabeth Border, Chris Perry, Marian Sloan, Mary Jane Scott.

Not present in the photo: Richard Bauer, Eric Friedenrich, Peter Loppacher


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