Letter: Is Ridgefield PZB Telling Applicants to Rush Applications Before the New IWB is Seated?

 I would like to thank exclusively the Parishioners of St. Stephen’s Church who welcomed me to their Sunday, June 23rd meeting regarding South Hall. It was quite informative.

Most notably was when a parishioner asked Chris Fallon of the Vestry if anyone from the current Planning and Zoning Board advised him to rush the South Hall application to the current PZB before July when the new IWB is in effect. 

“It was the recommendation of P&Z that we move ahead immediately with our application,” Mr. Fallon explained to his parishioners. In a May 1st meeting that included himself, Mr. Baldelli, his assistant Dan, Beth Peyser and their counsel Robert Jewel he stated that Mr. Baldelli did, in fact, advise them to file the application before the July deadline.  

- Lori Mazzola, Ridgefield 


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