Boys & Girls Club of Ridgefield Campers Learn About Inspiring Comfort at Two Day Workshop at Lounsbury House

This week, The Lounsbury House hosted 150 plus campers from The Boys & Girls Club of Ridgefield for an "Inspiring Comfort" workshop centered on 'feeling good by doing good.' 

Sponsored by Ridgefield Prevention Council and Hastings, Cohan & Walsh, LLP the event welcomed Jill Crocker Bornstein co-founder of Inspiring Comfort and Leah Comfort Dog of Lutheran Church Charities.

Comfort is more than sympathy or understanding,” says Bornstein. "It is connecting with a person who’s in pain in a way they know someone cares," she adds.

Suzanne Brennan, Executive Director of The Lounsbury House said, "Thank you to Jill Bornstein for awakening the empathy in all of us to help others."

Learn more about Inspiring Comfort here.

Image courtesy Suzanne Brennan and The Lounsbury House.