Words of Thanks: Brooke's Farmers' Market Raises Funds for Next Treatment

Brooke's Farmers' Market took place on Sunday, August 25 on Governor Street, in front of Bissell Pharmacy. Here, Brooke's mom, Maddie Blake, shares words of thanks to Market organizers and the community. The Farmers' Market raised enough funds to cover the cost of Brooke's next treatment. Thank you, Ridgefield.

Dear Ridgefield Community,

It is with sincere appreciation that I write this post to thank all those that participated at the Farmer's Market on August 25, honoring my daughter, Brooke. For 3 years and 9 months, Brooke and our family have been shown immense support and love from this town. Each day we experience some form of kindness and thoughtfulness that reminds us we aren’t alone in this journey. The amazing crew of ladies whom I call my friends, planned and organized the very successful Farmer's Market. (The amount raised was enough for her next treatment!) The day was gorgeous and I was grateful that Brooke was there the entire day!

Fighting cancer is not easy and very exhausting at times, but when days like the Farmer's Market happen, it brings a different element to the fight. One that is stronger than any dividing cancer cell. Strong in love, support and unity.

I want to thank everyone who participated, donated, and attended. I especially thank Megan Couri, Anne Uecker, Emily Mills, Kirstin Cerulli, Trea O’Malley, Emily Malagisi, Jennifer Manganiello, and Jennifer Coakley. You ladies ROCK! I also want to thank the businesses and families that donated their wonderful services and products. Especially: The Ridgefield Firefighters, Susie Laura, Adam Broderick, Eddie's Pizza, We Do Lines, YoungLiving, PTP, Natasha Kowatch, Well Rested Baby, Jessica Mancini, Jessica Brown Photography, Poppin Flavorz, Peach, Whip Salon, Red Zone, Tazza, Rachel Rodgers, Princess Ball Inc., Kaitlyn Hayes, John and Elaine Couri, The Tutoring Club, John Frey, and Bissell Pharmacy.

Forever grateful,

Maddie Blake


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