Letter: Giving Thanks - The Michael Chekhov Theater Festival

A wonderful afternoon of Shakespeare in beautiful Ballard Park

Mrs. Ballard would have been thrilled with Saturday's Shakespeare in beautiful Ballard Park. There was a great turn out. Thank you to all who came to see “Romeo & Juliet”! Your support means so much to a small but mighty team who spend countless hours putting on the Michael Chekhov Theater festival. The show was enjoyed by over 150 people! Our largest crowd thus far. Shakespeare in Ballard Park has become a beloved cultural event.

What a great way to open our 2019 Theater Festival which will take place at The Ridgefield Theater Barn! The upcoming event, which spans two days, Friday, October 18th and Saturday, October 19, will feature two shows and one play reading. Please go to Chekhovfestival.com to read about the shows & find out date and times.

Now in our 11th year, this event will coincide with “Fall in Love with Ridgefield”. Our hope is that you will fall in love with the Michael Chekhov Theater Festival.

We look forward to seeing you in October.

Jeffery Albanesi, Ridgefield CT


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