250 Eversouce Customers in Ridgefield Still in Dark, John Frey Provides Update

To Ridgefielders still without power due to the Halloween night wind havoc- John Frey has been in close contact with Eversource, expressing the concerns of our community members still in the dark (about 250 customers or 2.9% of the town).

This morning at 1:55 am Frey wrote on Facebook, "I spoke to Eversource war room (umpteenth time today) - 250 still without power.  Less than half from the peak. Unfortunately (depending on how you look at it) no mass fix.   All the fixes with the largest numbers have been addressed and restored.  Most are outages under 10 customers,  as few as one."

Eversource says that tree damage was significant. "Crews are working still at this hour (1:55 am)," Frey says. "Please be patient - I believe every outage is accounted for - just need to wait until they get to you," he says. 

Thanks, John for your efforts!

View the outage map and report an outage to Eversouce HERE.


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