Residents of Ridgefield Apartments Celebrate the Holidays and Friendship at Bartolo

Ridgefield Apartments residents enjoyed a Holiday Lunch at Bartolo restaurant on Sunday, December 8. For some, it was a reunion of sorts while for others it was a day of making new friends.

Ridgefield Apartments helps to nurture the sense of community amongst its residents, fostering relationships through social gatherings several times throughout the year.

“Luckily the weather cooperated and we were all able to celebrate the festivities of the holidays together,“ stated Steve Zemo. “We are happy to facilitate gatherings to encourage relationships within our apartment community. Bartolo is a favorite restaurant for many of our residents, with great food and an inviting atmosphere.”

Pictured in photo #1: Ann Morris, Martha Talburt, Suzanne Strummer, Anna Lossius, Sonya Schlupp, Betty Sabella

Pictured in photo #2: Christine Robertson, Jeanne Cook, John Gillaugh, Carmen Martin, David Phillips, Joann Spence, Sue Gillaugh, Lillian Sherdal, Charles Retz


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