Festive Fairies on Spring Valley Road in Ridgefield

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the home of Ridgefield's tiny townsfolk on Spring Valley Road. Harry Keebler and family have decked their fanciful property with boughs of holly, and, of course, a Christmas tree and wreath. The red mailbox compliments the decorative greenery at the home of our own festive fairies. 

For nearly two years Harry Keebler of Keebler Cookies has been an outstanding citizen of Ridgefield, bringing magic and mystery to Spring Valley Road. In the summer of 2018, Harry’s brothers joined him at the treehouse in order to escape from the hustle and bustle of the cookie “fac-tree.” (We met one of them this morning enjoying the crisp air and sunshine on his second-story balcony - see photo #3). Passersby have been known to stop and marvel at the newly constructed balcony, outdoor staircase, and wooden ladder. 

Sara Hecht, a HamletHub writer who has been following the magical mystery of the Keebler family, reported about a year ago that the magnificent Keebler home remodeling caught the attention of additional mythical creatures creating a greater mystical presence on Spring Valley.  "Fairies have quite literally taken root down the street across from 111 Spring Valley Road (and in a tree in front of the property as well). It is believed that these fairies are the Cottingley Fairies from England. These notable fairies are most commonly known for their famous 1917 photoshoot," said Hecht.

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P.S If you would like to visit their home the elves ask that you please do not disturb their current decor but additional ornamentation is gladly accepted! Don’t forget to check the mailbox.


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