Ridgefield Attorney, Author, Talks Importance of Diversity in Law

In an article published in the American Bar Association Journal titled, Why you should insist on diversity in your law practice Ridgefield attorney Suzie Scanlon, a pioneer in the virtual law firm space, writes, "Women attorneys are still being misidentified in the workplace, mistaken for administrative staff, court personnel and even janitors." Scanlon goes on to say, "Both the perception of and reality for women attorneys is disheartening."

In a profession where cultural change happens at a creeping pace, how can we change the perception—and the reality—that success for women at the upper echelons is the exception, rather than the rule? Just as important, how can we elevate the practice of law by fostering diversity in the profession?

- Suzie Scanlon

Using both research and her vast professional knowledge, Scanlon, managing partner of SRD Legal Group, talks about how diversity elevates law and is something company leaders and founders must demand. "Insisting on diversity is not about mandatory quotas in hiring or promotions. As the founding partner in my firm, I always hire the most qualified candidate, regardless of personal characteristics, whenever I have an open position. Nor is insisting on diversity a zero-sum game where one group gains at another group’s expense," says Scanlon.

Read the complete article by Scanlon in the ABA Journal here. 

Scanlon has co-authored a book to be released by the ABA in January 2015, entitled FINDING BLISS: Innovative Legal Models for Happy Clients & Happy Lawyers. She is a proponent of alternative legal fees and developing innovative legal solutions.

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